Church of the Holy Sepulchre

(c. 1130) 

The 12th century “Round Church”, modelled on the 4th century Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem after the first crusade in 1099, has stood as a witness to the Christian faith for nearly 900 years of Cambridge history. Over 20,000 visitors from all around the world walk through its doors each year. These visitors - tourists, students and residents - have the opportunity to encounter in various ways the role Christianity has played in Cambridge history. Internationally renowned as a seat of learning, research and scholarship, Cambridge has been a centre for new ideas, discoveries and movements that have influenced western culture for centuries. Focusing on Cambridge as it has both shaped and reflected western history, the Round Church seeks to introduce the community and visitors to the ways in which Christianity has been a foundational intellectual and moral dynamic.

Since 2001, Christian Heritage has managed the Round Church as a thoughtful community serving Cambridge through the Round Church Visitor Centre, and since 2016, The Cambridge Scriptorium. Although we are in a church, we are not a church. Due to our history and ethos, often times we have been referred to as "L'ABRI in the city". 

Our Mission

We value graduates and faculty of the University of Cambridge by providing an encouraging space for those seeking genuine hospitality, vibrant community, and structure for the duration of their scholarship. In this age of fragmentation where alienation, atomisation, and living in the virtual are becoming the norm, our hospitality to serve scholars is tangibly embodied. Our community makes The Cambridge Scriptorium more than just a study space, but a life of sharing our work in community, so that scholars can better produce their writing projects in a healthy manner.

Our staff espouse the Reformed Protestant tradition, and our focus is the recovery and reformation of the Christian understanding of the intellectual life. We seek to do this by reminding the church of its calling to be sanctified in mind, and to confront the unbelieving world with intellectual truth, beauty & goodness, and preserve these essential principles for the flourishing of the university.

 Christian Heritage is a Registered Charity 1076750 - "Recovering the Past, Challenging the Present, Shaping the Future